Hosting Lmi

Plan Home


  • Gratuitous discharge.
  • 30 days of return guarantee.
  • 400 Megabyte disc space.
  • 3 GB of monthly transference.
  • 50 Cuentas mail: The access to the mailboxes can also be realised by means of POP3 or IMAP4 or using simply its navigator (Webmail)
  • 25 Cuentas FTP.
  • Telnet/SSH access.
  • Webmail mail.
  • Fantastic: We do not offer support for the applications settled in Fantastic, the use, maintenance and updates of scripts are responsibility of the users, we recommended to read the license of use of each application.
  • Extensions Frontpage.
  • Control Panel Cpanel via Web.
  • 2 MySQL.
  • PHP, Python.
  • 1 List of Mailman mail.
  • 2 Subdominios.
  • CGI's settled (accountant and shipment of forms).
  • Statistics of visits with the best program of the market: Awstats.
  • Control Panel to manage the domain.
  • Complete management of the DNS of the domain.
  • Types PAMPER installed who allow him to lodge contents developed with Macromedia Flash.
  • Filter anti-virus.
  • Filter antiSpam.
  • Personalizables pages of error.
  • Directories of restricted access.
  • Other options available.
It contracts to the annual Plan Home by 30€.
18% IVA not Including.


Description of the plan Home

This plan this directed to people or organizations with small needs of space in disc and the necessity of something more than a gratuitous servant.

With all the advantages of a virtual servant dedicated and a data transfer monthly sufficient to cover all the expectations with a page with a ratio of some 500 daily visits.

It will be able to manage his service from a simple Control Panel Web from which to create mail mailboxes.

And if it needs more resources, mailboxes, or data bases, it will be able at any moment to migrate to other more advanced products as their needs grow.

The Control Panel based on Web will allow him to easily manage the resources assigned to his Plan Home and to modify the options of his website without needing advanced technical knowledge.

It verifies his facility of handling acceding to the version of demonstration of the Control Panel:

  • User: demo2
  • Pass: demo


It visits our comparative one of plans of hosting.

It accedes to his area of client to administer contracted products