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Forms of Contact

HostingLMI understands that the communication with its clients is very important and necessary, for that reason to part of the section of the news, it makes his available the following classified forms of contact according to the type of incidence.

In each department there are specialistic people in the subjects who are incumbent on to him and therefore it is very important that the suitable ones are used average and that the instructions are followed to put themselves in touch with HostingLMI. Since of another way, the period of answer (considered in 12/24 hours) can be much greater.

Administrative support (renovations, new services, invoicing…):

Via e-tickets, Support Always uses this main option as, the mail of Administration is only in case they ask to him to use-the.
The support of tickets allows to make arrive any doubt or consults to anyone of our operators and the response time usually does not exceed the 3 hours in office schedule (from the 1 of June, 9:00 to 20:00 Monday to Thursday and of 8:00 to 17:00 Friday)
Via e-mail, administration in Erases the BORREESTO of the direction

Technical support (consultations, incidences, etc…):

Via e-tickets, Support
Vía Telefónica, in 902 012 104 or 935 525 556

This number is exclusive for urgent technical incidences. He is extremely advisable that before calling puts a ticket exposing all the problem and that has the number of ticket by hand. Any other type of incidences, consultations… will have to manage himself exclusively through the other means available, since the engineers who take care of this telephone are specialized in solving incidences critics and they do not have access to the administrative managements.

From the 1 of June, the schedule of this telephone is of 9 h to 20 h of Monday to Thursday and 8h to 17h Fridays.

If not yet it has sent no ticket or it is not registered, simply Subscribe. So that he is more comfortable the work indicates all the possible information in its consultation (Name of domain, user, accounts of mail, transmitter, receiving, number of receipt, etc).

Claims and Losses:
Vía Correo Electrónico: claims in lomejordeinternet.netBorren the BORREESTO of the direction
Vía Fax: In number 917710706, indicating all the data to identify to him correctly (client, full name, domains, national identity document…).


Protection of data

In attention to the established thing in Article 5 of Statutory law 15/1999, into 13 of December, Protection of Personal character data, we informed to him into the following one:

  1. The data picked up through this Web will happen to comprise of a file of data whose holder will be Andromeda Sistemas de Informacion LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. The purpose of this file will be the management and benefit of the asked for services to Andromeda Sistemas de Informacion LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY on the part of the users of the Web.
  2. The holder of the provided data will be able to exert his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the data through shipment of an e-mail to the direction administration in
  3. The person in charge of that file is Andromeda Sistemas de Informacion LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY situated in low cs Rosellón, 484-486, with CIF B-65037335


If it wants to receive but information on our services, to consult tariffs, to send a suggestion or to send his Curriculum to form part of our equipment, fills in the following form, or sends a mail.


Mailing dress



Support e-tickets

In the service it has supported in line, we requested patience since the initial connection takes in being realised.

Support e-tikets


Area of clients




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