Hosting Lmi

Pack of lodging or loose domain?

Packs of lodging

The fastest route to manage its website, is to contract to a pack of lodging, formed by a plan of lodging and a domain. In this way, everything is in a same order, manageable from its Control Panel.

For more information on the plans that we arrange, as well as to come to his hiring, it accedes to the page of plans, beating on the previous image, or here.


Domains without lodging

If or it owns a lodging plan, with Hosting FloridaAfterSeven or any other company, it can contract a domain, to associate it to his present lodging, by means of the Control Panel that is offered to him when contracting it.

The price of this hiring, oscillates between 10€ annual of the classic international domains (.com, .net. annual .org) and 35€ of .tv. The domains .es, have an annual cost of 11€.

In order to contract a domain without lodging, it beats here.

It accedes to his area of client to administer contracted products