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Fixed IP

General information

IP (Internet Protocol): it is the unique identifier that allows to locate its location in Internet.

It can contract his fixed IP in the process of purchase of his plan of hosting, or send an e-mail to consult the availability of the same for his lodging.

Basically an IP is a direction in a network, a number type, four numbers ( It contracts his IP fixes associate to his planin fact bytes of 8 bits) between 0 and 255 separated ones by points (not always but it is the general norm) that identify a computer, to router, servant, etc, in the network as if a phone number it was. Knowing the IP our machine this one is located.

This allocation can be unique for its domain or shared with the other accounts of the servant:

Since one is a scarce resource in Internet regulated by RIPE, techniques are used that save the use of IP if they are not really necessary.

Thus when you lodge I dominate in a servant generally is a domain allied under a shared IP (this does not harm to him under any concept).

On the other hand the IP of its connection can be random and it is reused once it has disconnected to facilitate it to another user, or fixes if its supplier of access to Internet facilitates it.

Next we showed the cases to him in which you will have to contract a Fixed IP for his domain:

  • Digital certificate installation SSL.
  • Footbridges of associate payment when going to safe connection SSL.
  • Service of anonymous FTP.


Activation: 30€/annual Payment: 30 €
18% IVA not including

It visits our comparative one of plans of hosting.

It accedes to his area of client to administer contracted products