Hosting Lmi

Digital certificates

QuickSSL certificate.

This product allows to its website to activate the icon “of lock? of the navigator, being indicated that the data will be protected of the interception or tampering using based and safe the layer of sockets (SSL).

Our Quick (SSL) assures to its visitors in line and the security to send sensible account numbers of credit card and other information confidential or by Internet.

It requires of fixed IP for his installation. If it does not have her opens a ticket indicating to us that it needs.

It can contract his digital certificate Quick (SSL) from 75,4€ annual. (18% IVA not including).

The process of purchase of a plan of hosting acquires the digital certificate when realising, or makes the order by means of the system of tickets in case of acquiring it of separated form.



  • Automated meticulous process of purchase.
  • Coding strong SSL 128-bit
  • Compatible with 90% of the navigators.
  • Authentication in real time by telephone.
  • Registry of the business (DUNS)

Information of Quick (SSL) Geotrust source

It accedes to his area of client to administer contracted products

It visits our comparative one of plans of hosting.