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Registry of domains .es

attentionInformation of prices

Finally already it is possible that you have your domain .ES, without complications and to the economic price, anyone can have.

Domains .ES have an annual cost of registry and transference of domains 11€ + IVA.

Domains .COM.ES, .NOM.ES, .ORG.ES, by only 9 € + IVA.

In case the ESNIC misestimates the registry request, we will not make return, this position will be exchanged to him, in another registry of domain or in discount, by the hiring of some of our products.

attention Process of hiring

In order to verify if its domain .ES is available, it must go directly to the page of the ESNIC once verified simply follows our process of purchase:

It buys his domain .ES with Hosting FloridaAfterSeven by 11 Euros Here

It visits our comparative one of plans of hosting. It compares benefits and prices

Access to the Control Panel of registry of domains.

It accedes to his area of client to administer contracted products