Hosting Lmi

Data Center

Characteristics of Data Center

Hosting Lmi has Data Center provided of more the high tech in lodging of servers.

1.Baterías and generator set:

The batteries that feed the system are of Hermetic Plomo type without maintenance, and gas recombination (10/12 years of average life). These batteries are able to give an autonomy to the 100% of load during a minimum of 3 hours.

Complementing these Batteries, we have installed a generator set located in the cover of the building. The characteristics of this generator are Motor Volvo with a power of 451 kVA, with a limitless autonomy, while the fuel through gasohol deposit fills up with a capacity of 940 liters.

The set of the installation mounts in a soundproofed metallic cabin and totally equipped for the use to which it is destined.

intelligent 2.Conmutación of load:

The building this equipped with an intelligent system of charge transfers based on the operation with network or groups, without interruption in the provision in the CPD.

3.Suministro electrical in room of equipment:

The electrical provision in room of equipment includes the following forward elements:
Electrical picture with selective Protections (including magnetotérmico and differential by circuit).
Circuits of Energy of UPS to Racks with superfluous systems (double feeding).
Circuit of Commercial Network (dirty power) in perimeter of room APRA auxiliary services and tests,in other word we guarantee that we support your dedicated server hosting with stable electricity 24hr/day.

4.Aire Prepared:

We have a system of air conditioning with degree of redundancy of n+1. The temperature tolerances are of 22ºC ± 2ºC (adjustable).

5.Suelo Technician:

The lifted technical ground allows a ground clearance of 29 cm. Supports up to 1,500 Kg/m2 of load with the connected columns of support to earth in all their extension and offering characteristic antistatic.

6.Seguridad control of access and monitoring:

The control, security systems of access and monitoring follow the strict standards but, including:
Control of access by means of Electronic System with proximity cards.
Control of opening of doors.
Service of permanent physical monitoring and control of access (the 24 hours of the day).

7.Detección and fire extinguishing:

A centralized system manages by plants, through detectors of smoke in atmosphere and a system of precocious detection by oxygen absorption, the control and prevention of any fire that could take place in Data Center.

8.Prevención of fires F13 type:

The elements and structure, as much sustentante as maintained, they guarantee the stability against the fire in EF-90conforme degree to the OPI.

All the building has properly signalized and visible, in case of emergency, the exits and the legally demanded material.

9.Conectividad and bandwidth

Our Data Center, is connected to the network of Ibercom offering a connectivity and a virtually limitless bandwidth as well as an access of great speed to the servers and teams of the client.

The network of Ibercom extends throughout the European west providing national and international connectivity in more than 250 European cities.

To be one of the Internet networks more outposts of Europe, our network uses technology ATM in combination with CISCO equipment. It is designed using fiber based on technology SDH and one complements with trasanlánticas connections dedicated in the United States assuring our clients total redundancy as well as the fact that a single point of failure in our network does not exist.

When a client lodges their servers in our Data Center can be sure that it will be always accessible through Internet using our vps hosting with ssd for the speed and quality, that really needs.

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