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Hosting of webpages, hosting shared, cheap web hosting,  virtual lodging electronic commerce, stores.  registry of domains and dedicated servers managed (handled) and Housing. We cannot say that we are the standard of the industry, because nobody gives what we offer: A human, fast and effective service.

With our services we want to give answer to the companies, liberal and particular professionals who wish to have a solid presence in Internet, offering a global service of advising, lodging of www pages (Web), hosting, vps web hosting, servers and registry of generic domains to a reasonable price.

It can consult comparative details of the plans of hosting and what type of webhosting that suit with what you need.

Our policy of company is to always use tools GNU along with licensed applications. In the daily administration of his Web it will at the moment have the best Control Panel available, CPanel with the Xcontroler subject and the activated Fantastic option.


Control Panel in Castilian

CPanel is a Castilian Control Panel in totally outstanding of Web that allows to handle its domain him by a Web interface.

The idea is the one to transfer the total control to handle its website. You have the capacity to handle all the aspects of e-mail, archives, backup copy, FTP, writings cgi and statistics of the website.

Always in real time and without intervention our.

He can visit our Control Panel of sample:



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Support e-tickets

In this service of support to the client, it can realise consultations on configurations, added, support of installation of CGI's, applications, administration, and all whatever can arise in the scope of our services.

Support of e-tickets

To syndicate to the news

We communicated to you that in this new version of the Web, syndication RSS, it is syndication RSSavailable. With this system it is very easy to be informed into the news of unlimited web hosting FloridaAfterSeven.

Firefox unloads to you
Firefox unloads to you

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